Heaven's Paws - a tribute to those we lost

The journey has been great and terrible


We share with each other


Memories and tears

Water rising, wind raging, thunder savage


Reigning down upon us –


We – who were left


Left behind, as so many of us


Began in this world




Darkness and despair within our hearts


Aching for our children


Our families


The heartbreak of separation


Some enforced, some not


But alone still


Left to endure Nature’s ravage


Our tears becoming the rain


Paws reaching for safety


How can it be?


We ask in our hearts


As hours turn to days


Memories of our life and loved ones


Break the stillness


Of oncoming Death


No hope, no words, no touches


No One Comes


We shiver in water, debris, toxins


Our cries echo silently


A last breath, last look


Through pain-filled eyes


Our last thought


Of those we loved


And left behind


We stretch lazily in warmth and light


And look into loving eyes


Fear not, it is over


We are told


To cry no more tears


To look back with love


We are home, not alone


Heavenly lights enfold us


A new journey begins


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