The Sanctuary Project 'All Paws Great & Small'

All Paws Great & Small is a unique concept designed to blend both our communities and the animal kingdom together in a spirit of harmony and hope.  This is a model that is being created in the South, but that can be duplicated in other areas.  The Sanctuary model features components such as meditation gardens, dog park, chapel and forever rest, community education programs, medical facilities, adoption and foster care programs and lifetime care facilities for all animals.  The Sanctuary Project is designed for members of the community to bring their family members and pets to a place of respite.  It is also designed for people to come, pets or not and spend relaxing time away from the demands of the workday and finally, it is a lifetime care experience for animals who are abandoned, abused, neglected, or left alone in the world to experience peace, kindness, and compassion until they return to their final home in Heaven.

The Sanctuary Project has at its heart a mission to create support and partnerships with individuals, small groups, organizations, etc. who wish to create a better space in the world for both the animals and for humanity.  It recognizes the reality of the world we live in while being open to the possibilities of wholeness, harmony, and respect for all.


Through the community education programs, our citizens can gain assistance with various needs from medical to food for their animals and schoolchildren can learn early how to respond and respect animals.


Acting as a consortium, the Sanctuary Project will offer programs of financial aid to individuals and groups working on behalf of the animals, develop relationships between states and other organizations to create transport systems and national and global databases for joint support to assist, rehome and partner in rescue projects.  Legislative and community policy development support will be available and strategic alliance development will be a focal point for providing services to members and partners.


The following pages summarize current programs to be offered as part of the entire project:


Comprehensive Education and Community Outreach




The following programs comprise both school-based and broad-based community outreach components.


A volunteer program to be developed will assist in the actual manpower needed to promote the 2 components.  A small team of professionals will be needed to implement the programs, including an education director, public relations/programs director, fundraising/lobbying coordinator and information management specialist.


The focus of all programs will be to get the information out to the community through media campaigns, partnerships with businesses, and basic grassroots efforts within communities and neighborhoods themselves.    The  Program Director will coordinate and direct all aspects of the outreach programs within the neighbor hood communities and local civic and business organizations.   As evident in recent city-wide concern, the first and most immediate goal of the agency will be to provide community-wide information on dangerous animals and responsible pet ownership.  A safe and responsible pet community will produce happier, healthier citizens.


The school and church based programs will reach a higher target population with hopefully a longer – term effect.  A major focus will be to develop continued cooperative ventures within the veterinary medical community, including a fundraising effort designed to provide indigent veterinary care to citizens without undue financial stress on the veterinary community.


Another major focus, which will provide more daily exposure, yet minimal man-hours, will be the coordination of outreach by animal control officers and law enforcement.  The simple effort of handing out a pamphlet to each call received would have the ability of reaching hundreds of people each week.

The focus of the educational programs which will be administered by the Educational Coordinator will be to develop and implement  specialized programs as outlined in Metro’s Humane Protocol.  Successful programs and materials utilized by other agencies will be identified and incorporated into Metro’s overall program in a cooperative venture with these agencies.  Dissemination and updating of all materials and coordination of educational outreach throughout the identified schools and within local communtiy, civic and neighborhood associations will be conducted as well.


Having a comprehensive set of programs developed will mean that as funds become available, more and more programs can be implemented.  The ability to fundraise will provide a strong base for program development and self-sufficiency.  It is of utmost importance that the new Animal Control  operation in Birmingham contain elements of both fundraising and lobbying.


The animal problem in Birmingham, under its current management, has been neglected for many years.  Thus, a solution would have to involve combining any existing efforts that have already proven successful in the community with new ideas to attack the root of the problem: namely animal overpopulation and irresponsible pet ownership.


A successful “ public/private” partnership that contains elements of public seed capital,  private fundraising, lobbying and community and  governmental relations, both state and local, would be a major step forward.   Ultimately, public money could be saved in the future by stimulating private funds.


However, this first allocation of City funds to the operation is of paramount importance.    By using public money as the initial  “seed capital”, the organization would be in a position to seek matching funds from private donors as well as start an initial advertising campaign.   It will also provide opportunities to draw together for common purposes persons and organizations that are in animal welfare, uniting them on specific issues.  The following sections comprise descriptions of the programs offered.


List of Recommended Programs


Community Action Programs


Optional Outreach Programs


Veterinary Care Foundation Program


Rescue Program


Medical Programs


Adoption Programs


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