The Fur Agreements

What is the truth that God wants us to know about his animals?  Spirit, God wants us to know that the animals are wayshowers for humanity.  They are the venues through which we find form and fulfill our humanity or lack thereof.

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It is no accident that the animals first inhabited our earth home.  They have watched all this time for our consciousness to awaken to a level and vibration to understand the roles and agreements animals of the world have made with mankind. Consciousness, communication and creation are the bywords of this time we live in.  It is through our interactions with the animals that we can be healed; heal our world, and whatever prior mis-takes we have made with the animals.


There are two forms or sets of agreements: One is The Accords between animals and man, where the animals act as our pets and cross paths with us.  The other larger agreement is The Master Agreement between the animal kingdom and humanity (Mankind) as a whole and the messages, interactions and lessons they bring to our creation consciousness.


Animals, consciousness and spirituality is not a completely accepted mainstream concept, but it is what today and tomorrow are about in terms of our interactions with the animals.  Animals are sentient beings with souls and purposes, lessons to learn and to teach; they come in with this consciousness.  They are here to experience or to, in many cases, re-experience the earth plane and generate a deeper understanding of humanity in addition to fulfilling the master agreements with all humanity.


It is no accident that Spirit wished for the animals to be taken care of, for as we give care, or not, we receive the same.  In many respects, animals serve as the Guardians of Humanity – they show us in our glory and our gore – where and how we treat or mis-treat them is a direct correlation to our own awakenings and consciousness.




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