Our Philosophy

A unifying theme of Paws for Thought is the concept that humanity has an inherent responsibility to the animal kingdom - to provide care, compassion, humane treatment, love and respect to our animal companions.

As society treats its animals, so goes that society - through your involvement with Paws for thought, we are raising the level of expectation for our society and its relationship to our animals. The importance of the human-animal bond is recognized throughout the world with pets now taking a long-delayed place in society as genuine family members, with recognized rights and responsibilities therein. One does not have to be an animal lover to recognize the role and value that animals play in our lives. We must, however, acknowledge at the very least the need for better treatment and conditions for the world's animals.


We must be willing to respect ourselves and our home here more completely and take into account those who exist in relationship to us, whether they be family pets or nature's creatures.


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