The Not Place

Written by Dr. Tricia Working


There is a place I have come upon recently, a land unlike any others I have visited either in Spirit or in the natural world.  I have named it the Not Place, for it simply is not anything.  It is a place of Being in between the space of Creation and Manifestation, just to the left of Limiting Beliefs.


In the Not Place, everything is Not and it is okay.   It is about a state of mind, physicality, life space and spirit space.  It is a place where it is okay to recognize the value of Not without becoming disempowered, limited, or losing faith in Spirit.


It is where you can own that in this moment, life is neither good or bad, what you thought it was going to be, where nothing is as it was, your body, your relationship, career, even hopes and dreams.  Things just aren’t, in the Not Place.


That being said, in the Not Place, all is possible, if you desire it, and nothing is negative or of low vibration, just because it is Not.

I have been in this space recently and was uncomfortable because I  was unable to  define it – I like my labels and values, they comfort me.  It was hard to get clear with the concept of something or someone  being ‘not’.  If it isn’t   ____, then it must be ____.  Not so, it can simply just not be.


And when I can begin to find comfort in the idea that things can be ‘not, when I can allow the ‘not’ to exist, then I find that I am better able to move from that space into where I desire to be or what I desire to create.   When  I can embrace the not, when I can allow it to flow within me as a stream of beingness, it  becomes part of me in the moment and I am free to then create from that space.


So I encourage you in your efforts on your spiritual path, to know that you don’t always have to be upbeat and positive, that you can acknowledge the nots in your life and yet retain your faith and your truth and your trust.


By allowing the nots a space in your life, you no longer have to lose the value of what something was or question it or diminish it if it changes energy.  Allowing the nots to have an identity keeps you in the present moment and to release the need to label the experience, it keeps you grounded in just the beingness of the moment.

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