Innerspeak is a transformational system which integrates inner processes with outer experiences by taking unconscious thought patterns and language and realigning them into present moment intentional creations.

It is based on seeing in the world unintentional outcomes, chaos, confusion and conflict.  Its result is seeing people renewed, reconnected and re-inspired.

Clients walk away ultimately with a new system for communication and resources for conscious manifestation of their dreams, desires and decisions.

Look at your life, look at your language, listen to the words you think and feel

and use.  Your life reflects your language which reflects your thoughts.  Listen to the words you live.  Words build worlds – how do you want yours to look?

PathSpeak PathSpeak (financial, career, life path)
HeartSpeak (emotional, relationships)
He/SheSpeak, WeSpeak, ISpeak, SoulSpeak (spiritual)
ClearSpeak WellSpeak (health)
Pawspeak (animals)
Releasing the Need For Transformational Program This program is based on Louise Hay’s – “You Can Heal Your Life” “I am willing to release the need for ___” concept. So many of us desire to be open, awakened and conscious, and to release all limiting beliefs. Roadblocks occur when we work and work to heal ourselves and issues continue to crop up or if we are new to Spiritual work, we discover issues that hinder us from creating true success and balance within our lives. This is a transformational program designed to take a person during the course of 6 weeks from intellectual understanding to ‘inner standing’ and transformation of our internal landscape to a new external experience, balanced and in harmony.
Does your outer experience match your inner world? Have you tried affirmations to no avail? Have you spent time and dollars on seminars, courses, or books only to find issues that reoccur – issues you have actively worked on and/or thought you had healed? Have you had success in creating change yet been unable to consistently maintain the changes long term?
If so, this program is for you – why? It will take you on an inner journey through thoughts and beliefs into actions and insights that will allow you that elusive consistency. You will develop skills .that you can translate and transfer into all areas of your life, both internal and spiritual to external and your physical world.
At the core of each of us is our most powerful asset and ally, our sub or unconscious being. It is the part of us connected to our spirit, yet not our spirit. Our spirit is that deepest part of us that connects us to the Divinity in all there is and to the great universal consciousness. Our spirit, depending on our individual journeys, may be awake or asleep, fledgling or fully capacitated. Our unconsciousness, while not within view, is always awake, vigilant, and on the lookout for any person, thing, situation or belief that does not serve us or is perceived to have the ability to cause us harm. Ultimately the goal for all is to have both our spirit and our unconscious work together in tandem for our highest good. For most of us, this requires a roadmap or internal navigation system
This is what the process of Innerspeak creates for us – an internal nav system set to our internal landscape and designed to guide us safely, clearly and consciously into or along our path to our destiny. We have all heard it said that our outer reflects our inner – if what you are experiencing in your outer world is not in sync with your desires and goals, it is because somewhere on the inner landscape, there is serious disconnect between what you say you desire and what you believe you deserve.
What you believe you deserve is significantly stronger than your desires. Therefore a match must be created that satisfies the subconscious reality in order to allow outward manifestations and changes. If you desire to create $10,000 more a month, yet your basic belief is that you are worth maybe $400, you will be unable to command the desire, yet potentially able to command the deserving amount. All the affirmations in the world and great desire will be unable to manifest more than what the unconscious holds belief for.
In order to transform and balance the inner with the outer, you must become fully conscious – you must become aware of the agreements you have set to attend while here – you must become authentically you and learn to navigate your internal world with awareness, developing a true understanding of the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, language and actions. You must accept that all that is within your world you have created consciously or unconsciously, you are no victim, and you have the absolute power to realign your desires and beliefs in a 1-1 ratio.
This is why an indepth understanding of the concept “ I am willing to release the need for” will reset your internal nav system to point of origin (spirit) and blend the unconscious beliefs into a consciousness and awareness focusing on language and thought and leading into true manifestation.
I – expression of you as singular entity, identity
I am – expression of you in relation and aspect of universal source energy and divinity
I am willing – expression and exploration of the concept of willingness in all aspects of your life
I am willing to – expression of the action of willingness, exploration of being willing state
I am willing to release – expression and exploration of concept of release energy and detatchment
I am willing to release the need for – expression and exploration fundamentally letting go on all levels By the end of this 6 week course, new skill sets are developed in consciousness, self- awareness and spiritual identity are expressed, and full understanding of the process of release in conjuction to manifestation are in place. Each week builds upon itself creating a platform of knowledge, awareness and insights designed to facilliate a match between the inner landscape and the outer expression in the world. The components can be adapted to any situation, condition, person or concept in your world while dismantling the limiting beliefs and allowing only what serves your highest good to stay expressed. It is transformative in that you go from who you were to who you truly are while learning to make manifest and command your destiny.

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