Heaven's Paws Dedication

This is a dedication from my heart to my loves and to my lost loves.  Here is represented my heart, my hope and my heartbreak.  They have been the greatest loves and lessons and the greatest losses of my life.  I would not be who I have become without their presence in my life – they have healed me, held me and honored me in ways I cannot begin to return.


I treasure every moment, every tear.





Baby paws left soft prints


Across my heart


Quiet now, with only my








Bourbon’s Lesson



Now only tears and memories remain

Broken hearts left behind


Your last hours etched in my mind










Heaven’s Paws - a tribute to those we lost



The journey has been great and terrible

We share with each other


Memories and tears











Aug. 19




There is much pain within me tonite – remembering my animals & their passings –Sable is with me, my almost constant companion since Ebony died.  And now I receive news that Mama is fading – sadness, guilt mixing in









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