Bourbon’s Lesson

Written by  Dr. Tricia Working

Now only tears and memories remain


Broken hearts left behind


Your last hours etched in my mind




If I had only known these last days


Were to be truly


Your last days, I would have


Tried harder, spent more time with you


Loved you more


At least I tell myself so


But I loved you all your life


From 2 days old


To almost 11, from Atlanta to Birmingham


I will never forget the trouble I had


In naming you


Nothing fit your uniqueness


Finally ‘Bourbon’ just appeared in my mind


And I knew


It flowed from my soul


Like a smooth sweet Southern whiskey


You responded to it


Your cobalt blue eyes lit up


You have fought valiantly for months


Against this corona virus


To now be brought down by cancer


You kept it to yourself


I would have been there


Tried to stop it, fix it, heal it


3days, within 3 days you were gone




I wanted to journey with you


But you chose to go forward alone


Teaching me to treasure each moment


For it is not guaranteed


To love today as if there is no tomorrow


And to be grateful for the love you are given because


It is a gift that someone else could have received instead


I will carry you with me my sweet BurBunny


Be with Magic, Destiny, Maximillian, Journey, Bear and all our little loves


Guide my path and my heart to help


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