Animals Crackers

Animal Crackers is for anyone who has loved, lost, labored over and through, and languished for a beloved animal.  Dr. Tricia Working, founder of Paws for Thought Animal Foundation, ( has a long lingering history both with pets and animal communication to include work in the world of animal welfare, healing, communication and consciousness.  Through a unique journey with the animals, Dr. Working takes us into the mysteries of the human and animal heart and soul.  She writes of both healing and despair, heartwarmings and heartache, release and renewal, causing us to greatly question our own assumptions about our beloved 4 legged friends.  She captures both raw humanity and regret while weaving us into a tapestry of consciousness and clarity of heart that personifies our own human and animal spirit.  She gives us a mystical view of ancient majesty through the eyes of a Bengal tiger and causes us to investigate the concept that our pets can and do return, even communicating with us from the other side.  While much of this book illustrates her own journey with beloved animals, she includes stories from others who have had connections both of the spirit and their own humanity with treasured pets.  If you have ever wished you had the words to express the feelings you carry for you most loved animal, or wished you had shared the wisdom and hope they brought to you, then may this book inspirit and inspire you to a more magical connection with those around you and to even share it one day.  If you believe in the possibility, if you would like to believe, of the spirit and consciousness that our animals both lend and share with us, this book is written for you.


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