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Welcome !  If you are animal-hearted, if you have a passion to help, to heal or to understand  better your own beloved pet or the animal kingdom, this is the place for you.  Whatever your issue, interest or inspiration – we offer venues for you to interact and get involved.  If you are hands-on, if you like to work from afar, if you would love to be part of a larger movement to awaken consciousness and benefit all animals of our world, if you simply wish to support work and hope and love on behalf of the animals, then you are in the right place.  The following nuggets are offered to give you a taste of Paws!


*We are in the process of creating a national community/lifetime care sanctuary model, beginning here in the South but with expansion opportunities.


*A national program to assist our military, their families and pets, and those animal compatriots who help keep them safe.


*Unipaws animal ministry that you can participate in or seek solace with.


*Programs where you can learn to better understand and communicate with your animals, explore the spiritual side of our relationships with the animals, and much much more!


Please take a turn through the site, inspect it, see what speaks to you and consider becoming a member of our community.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you -  we are here if you have questions and concerns.


On behalf of all our precious animals, blessings and thanks for coming!




Dr. Tricia Working, Founder & CVO



Our Mission To build a cooperative resource within the community through the efforts of community leaders, local businesses and civic organizations and our citizens relating to the issues of animal control and management, responsible pet ownership, community education and outreach, the development of a community-based animal sanctuary, and to build a consortium for communication and policy development between business, government, civic, citizen and animal welfare/rescue organizations.



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